Thunderbirds Abstract Wall Sculptures

Thunderbirds are large abstract wall sculptures, generally measuring at least 7′ wide. They are made from thick patinated architectural copper laminated to 1/4″ aluminum. They are very rigid and waterproof, great for outdoor display. These wide wall sculptures are great for corporate or home decor. Thunderbirds are magnificent as a commanding focal piece on a wide indoor wall with good lighting.

Since these abstract wall sculptures are dimensional, each piece will cast a shadow on the wall that changes as the lighting changes. The shadows add a kinetic feel and enhance the 3d effect.  The copper patinas are created with salt and fire that includes lines of melted bronze that reflect golden highlights off their ripples.

The Thunderbird is a sacred, supernatural bird, legendary in the mythologies of the Western Indian Cultures. The Thunderbird was venerated from the Great Lakes to the Southwest and as far as the Pacific. The belief was that the beatings of the Thunderbird’s wings caused winds, thunder and lightning and also punished evildoers.

These Thunderbird sculptures generally weigh less than 30 lbs, but they are unwieldy, because of their size. It is best to have two people working together to lift the wall sculpture out of the shipping box and to get it attached to two wall hooks when doing an installation.

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