Flat Metal Art Tiles

flat art metal tiles

Copper Tile #1
red patina + brass line

copper art tile

Copper Tile #2
tiffany green patina

metal art tiles

Copper Tile #3
with two gold leafs

art metal tiles

Steel Tile #1
soft swirl finish

handmade tiles

Steel Tile #2
Copper plate with rust

steel tiles

Steel Tile #3
flap wheel finish

bronze tile

Bronze Tile #1
soft swirl finish

blue tile

Copper Tile #4
blue green patina

decorative tile

Brass Tile #1
light flame color

art metal tiles

Copper Tile #5
light flame patina

green tiles

Copper Tile #6
bluish-green patina

red tile

Copper Tile #7
salt-fire patina

blue tiles

Copper Tile #8
blue-brown patina

steel tile

Steel Tile #4
flap wheel finish

copper tile

Copper Tile #9
gold and silver leaf

art metal tiles

Copper Tile #10
light flame color

I make flat metal art tiles from copper, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The patinas are colorfast and won’t fade in sunlight. The metal is permanently glued to a 1/8″ masonite backing. Masonite is virtually waterproof. Other substrates or thicknesses are available on request.

These art metal tiles are sealed with acrylic clear coat and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Art tiles may be used for wall coverings or as decorative accents with other tiles. Tiles are usually attached with Liquid Nails or similar construction adhesive. They are sized to be exactly their stated dimension, though custom sizes (e.g. 4-15/16″ square) can be made. Grouting is usually not necessary. However, if grouting is desired. protect surfaces with blue painters tape and use a non-scratchy grout.

These flat art metal tiles may also be used for flooring. I can cover them with a polyurethane finish suitable for flooring or you can do it yourself.

I primarily use these flat tiles to create multi-tile wall art.

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Please contact me for more information on purchasing flat metal art tiles for your project.