Dancing Shapes – Big Wall Sculptures

big wall sculptures

Dancing Shapes #3
42″ x 94″ x 5″

very large copper wall sculptures

Dancing Shapes – 45 degrees
72″h x 84″w x 4″d

big copper wall sculptures

Dancing Shapes #2
43″ x 91″ x 4″

tall metal wall sculptures

Pittsburgh DS
72 x36 x3

blue big wall sculptures

Blue Dancing Shapes
42″h x 94″w x 5″d

big metal wall sculptures

Blue Dancing Shapes
side view details

copper wall sculptures

Sacramento Dancing Shapes
42″h x 72″w x 5″d

copper wall sculpture

Atlanta Dancing Shapes
52″h x 49″w x 4″d

copper wall sculptures

Hartford Dancing Shapes
29″h x 40″w x 3″d

big wall sculptures

Naples DS
84″h x 42″w x 4″d

very big wall sculptures

Reverse S – Horizontal
48″h x 108″w x 5″d

very large wall art sculptures

Reverse S
108″h x 48″w x 5″d

big wall sculptures

Dancing Shapes – Aluminum
40″h x 96″w x 4″d

big wall sculptures

Robert Morris DS
96″h x 48″w x 4″d

Big wall sculptures are a great celebration of the human spirit. You stand back and look at it and say Wow! I love the way that differently shaped pieces play off of each other in these big metal wall sculptures. It’s visually stimulating and intriguing. Mass production gives an unnatural perfection to things. People are longing for a maker’s mark on an object d’arte.

These big wall sculptures generally weigh less than 30 lbs. and have pieces that are usually about 1/4″ thick. With the exception of the very large Reverse-S design (nine feet long), they can usually be handled by one strong person, though it certainly helps to have two people when hanging the metal art on the wall.

The aluminum designs are made with 1/4″ aluminum, a very tough and rigid metal. The copper designs are made with patinated copper laminated to the 1/4″ aluminum. I use industrial quality, outdoor grade contact cement that is perfectly suited for outdoor display, for example on the side of a building, a property line wall or a garden fence.

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