Copper Art Wall Art Designs

Large copper art wall hangings are an exceptionally attractive and unique alternative to abstract paintings. My backgrounds in both chemistry and painting inspires me to use the chemicals as if they were paints. This technique creates very compelling and interesting wall art. (However, painting is much faster. With acids and bases, it can take weeks to slowly develop the colors and design I want.) The colors are light-fast and permanent, which isn’t true for many paints.

In appearance, these copper art designs remind me of slices of the beautiful geological specimens that you find in Natural History museums. Final steps in finishing these copper art wall hangings include completely and thoroughly drying the copper patina, sealing it with a clear acrylic lacquer, then framing, preferably with a museum style floater frame. Because these large copper art designs are metal mounted to wood, the larger ones are rather heavy. Plan on two people and two hooks when installing.

Interested in a detailed report describing how I made one of these Copper Art Wall Designs? Read the article here.

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