Copper Metal Wall Art Weavings

Copper metal wall art weavings are unique and beautiful woven metal designs. Circles symbolizing wholeness, completeness, the sun, the moon and feminine energy. Spirals symbolize the ever-expanding energy of life, or the inward quieting focus of meditation. Combined they represent a dynamic, energetic wholeness. I haven’t shown a straight-strip, cross-woven metal pattern, but I could do that too. I can do these copper art weavings in any size, from 24″ up to 60″ diameter.

The circle spiral copper weaving is an unusual metal weaving. 6 to 12 spiral arms, connected in the center, are hand cut from one circle and twice that number of pie-shaped pieces from another circle. Then the pieces are carefully woven together, hammered tight and welded in place. The colors are created with the oxy-acetylene torch. I call the flame technique ‘painting with fire’. However, it is not a painting technique and the colors obtained are not as controllable as paint. I like the randomness of this effect. The salt/fire patinas are done prior to any cutting and immediately after a brass spiral is melted onto the copper. The flame colors are added after all weaving and welding and shaping are completed. Acrylic or polyurethane clear coats protect the metal. These coatings have been tested outside in all kinds of Michigan weather for 5+ years now with no failures.

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Please contact me for purchase information and to consult about the size and design of the woven copper metal wall art you need for your project.