• Patinas are chemical changes to the surface of a metal. If you have paint colors you want matched please let me know.
  • Variations will occur with coloration and pattern due to the characteristics of patinas. Paint is uniform. Patinas can be made uniform – but why do that? Variations and irregularities are part of the magic. But you may want paint. We can do paint.
  • Website photos are only guides and not guarantees of patina coloration, hue, shade and design. Hot acid patinas can be duplicated fairly well but all my chemical patinas are cold patinas and none of my hot patinas are done with acids. So, none of my website photos can have their patinas reproduced exactly.
  • We do send you photos of patinas for you to approve, pre-assembly and post-assembly. Hopefully, this will eliminate all concerns about colors. However, metal, even patinated metal, is difficult to photograph because of its high reflectivity. Outside, the metal will reflect the blue sky. Inside, the metal will reflect the inside lighting. When the lights are off, the metal goes darker. When the lights are on, the metal acts as a reflector beneath the patina, reflecting light.
  • We can also send you a video, with a walk-around. Please ask.
  • High gloss, satin, low gloss? – please let us know.
  • Orders are placed in a queue – first order is done first, second is done next and so on. Rush orders may be accommodated but incur a rush charge.
  • Shipping dates are estimates only and are subject to change due to the unforeseeable. If an order ahead of you in the queue has problems, your order may be delayed.
  • Because custom orders are unique and specific to the customer, i.e., size, coloration, design, all custom work is not returnable.
  • Customer is responsible for all crating and shipping costs, to and fro, in the unusual circumstances of an order being returned to us for minor adjustments.
  • All returns will be rejected without first obtaining our written authorization and assignment of a return authorization number; no exceptions.
  • Most armatures are made of aluminum or another specified metal. Occasionally we will use wood for various reasons. This will be specified during discussions and in the invoice. Return requests for the reason of a wood armature will not be granted.
  • Down payments are non-refundable.
  • We usually ship via Fed Ex, UPS or Yellow Freight. We need about a week to build a box for the metal sculptures and the large wall sculptures. Then the truck line can get it to you in 1-3 days. However, sometimes it takes longer, especially for residential deliveries.
  • Large pieces come shipped in a big wooden crate. They are easy to open with a portable drill with a phillips head tip. The wood boxes can be heavy – usually at least 50 lbs – up to 500 lbs. Other tools you might need – wire cutters, wrenches, box cutter. You will probably need professional help to unpack, move and install.