Metal Art Tiles

Metal art tiles are hand-made and one-of-a-kind. The colors and designs will be similar but never exactly the same. These metal tiles are colorfast and won’t fade in sunlight. The metal is permanently glued to a 1/8″ masonite backing. Other substrates are available on request. These metal art tiles are sealed with acrylic clear coat and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. I haven’t tried them on a floor but, if sealed with a polyurethane as is done with a wood floor, they should do fine. Metal tiles can be sized anywhere from 2″ x 2″ to 48″ x 60″. Sizes can be mixed, rectangles with squares, etc. We can also laser cut metal tiles to make non-Euclidean and free-form designs.

I have a huge variety of tiles here, both flat and pressed/embossed: just a small sample of what I’ve created over the years, though. Because many of the tiles are made with copper or brass, there is a tremendous variety of colors available: greens, blues, oranges, browns, reds and more! Very large patinated tiles (up to 48″ x 60″)  make beautiful wall art. Metal Art Quilts can be made huge or small and are reminiscent of patchwork quilts. I am very proud of this large body of metal tiles artwork.

Metal art tiles includes unusual and unique copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and steel wall tiles with patinas and embossing, some mounted on metal framing boards suitable for hanging, other metal art tiles suitable for wall and floor tiling. Be sure to visit the Metal Art Quilt page.

Please note: Each patina is unique and different. Colors can be emulated but do not match paint chips. Reds are unpredictable. Blues are similar but never exactly the same. Temperature and humidity have a big effect on the greens. Designs can be similar but not exact. Do not expect a patina that looks like a map to repeat that design. You get what you get with patinas. Patinas are not paints!

I would love to find a wholesale distributor who could place very large orders with me, for 1000+ tiles at a time. Since these tiles are very labor-intensive, it is only cost-effective to make one large batch at a time. Know anyone?

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Please contact us for purchase information and to consult with us regarding the custom metal tiles you need for your project.