Thread Locker Fails

thread locker

Large Wall Sculptures require a reliable threadlocker

Thread Locker Study

Thread locker generally comes in a very small tube and seems very expensive for the quantity I am buying. But I had been feeling like I needed plenty on hand, so I had been constantly adding to my collection.

Thread locker is usually very low in viscosity, so I had high hopes when I bought a stick of Loctite 248 medium strength blue from Enco last year. It was like a small tube of blue speed-stick deodorant and didn’t run at all. I tried applying it to one side of some 5/8″ bolts, thinking that the nut would spread it around. When I went to remove the nuts a week later, it seemed to have not done any thread locking at all. Perhaps that was because the nut hadn’t spread out the thread locker. So I tried it again, applying it completely around the bolt. 5 days later, nothing again.

Metal Wall Art Sculpture

metal wall sculpture

Layered Wall Sculpture

I am shipping this metal wall sculpture to San Clemente tomorrow. It has a remarkable patina, beautiful blues and greens and browns.

This is one of my layered puzzle designs that I have been doing since 2000. This metal wall sculpture was originally designed to be mounted on a circle, but that design was very heavy – about 75 lbs. This design works very well without the circle. This metal wall sculpture has 12 pieces, each 2″ wide, made from two sets of 22″ squares with the next smaller square cut from inside the larger square.