Metal Quilt Wall Art

These metal quilt wall art assemblages are a compelling way to display the exceptional beauty of the various patinas and embossings. Every art tile is handmade and one of a kind. The tiles are generally either copper or brass, two metals which are easy to emboss and accept a very wide range of patinas. Typically, 20{14df5767cb6f27744841193160719d74307770bb3a5620241cacae82b359489e} are embossed designs with the remaining 80{14df5767cb6f27744841193160719d74307770bb3a5620241cacae82b359489e} being flat metal tiles. I like to frame these tile art assemblages with a museum-style floater frame, usually in matte black or bronze. In a way, they look like small framed, patchwork quilts.

My interest in tiles goes back many years, but was kick-started into action when a Ritz Carlton designer contacted us and asked if we could do metal art tiles? I said sure, and we ended up making twenty-five 50-tile framed metal art quilts for them. What a learning curve! That’s 1250 (actually I made 2000!) tiles, each one handmade and one of a kind. Then the task was to assemble them in the most pleasing array, being careful to not put two tiles of similar colors side-by-side.

The all-embossed assemblages are a lot of visual fun and could be the perfect answer for your wall decor needs.

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