Undulated Metal Wall Art Weaving

metal wall art

Shaped Metal Weaving – Horizontal View

In December, I shipped an undulated circle spiral metal weaving to Florida. Fed Ex Home delivered it there in 3 days from Michigan. The customer was very pleased and sent us some photos and some nice reviews. Click on any image to enlarge.

The installation was to be outside, in a high humidity area near the ocean, with possibility of high winds. The front of the metal weaving already had 3 coats of lacquer. I added 2 coats of acrylic lacquer to the back of the metal weaving, two hanging wires and four security hangers.The security hangers were tripled dipped in an acrylic lacquer, then secured in placed with 304 stainless 8-32 screws, thread-locked with Gorilla Glue. I also included a clear plastic template for precise placement of the security screws in the wall, plus a tool to turn the security screws, locking them in place. Here are a couple of views of the back.

Feedback on the template and hanging system: “I had a friend who has used the security hangers do the real work….I provided a pair of hands. The template was fantastic. We were able to tape it to the space, make sure the piece would be located just right before doing any drilling. He had a tool for turning the security screws. It was not as long as yours, but considerably stronger. It was able to reach far enough to do the final half turn and lock everything in place. The tool you provided would not have given us enough torque to do it. Great idea, but just too thin. We love the piece….had some friends over last night, got many compliments.” Looks like I’ll be using thicker steel for the next tool I make.

These metal weavings start out round and flat, of course. They are made from two copper circles, one with a melted on brass spiral, both with the salt-fire patina.

Here are a couple of photos of the metal weaving before it was shipped. Its size is 37″ x 30″ x 2.5″. The vertical orientation really suits the space over their outdoor fireplace.

Copper Wall Art - Florida

As you can see our new wall sculpture looks GREAT! It fits the space perfectly. The colors and craftsmanship are so beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. We are very happy. John….you are truly gifted! All the best.

Copper Wall Art Installed

We’re outside this morning with the fire going. The sun is rising and some light is starting to reflect from the sculpture……..the colors look even more beautiful. Looks great from all the doors and windows from inside the house. Take care and Happy New Year!!!!

security hanger for metal wall art

Close Up View of Security Hanger

metal wall sculptures

Round Circle Weaving Before Shaping

metal wall art

Back View of Copper Weaving showing frame and Wires

metal art wall hanging

Undulated Metal Weaving
vertical orientation


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  1. Artie

    Beautiful work and great post!

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    Well done, John-Interesting material, beautiful work & photos. Looks like you have mastered WordPress, too!

    1. johnsearles

      thanks Scott – WP took me about 6 months