Metal Wall Art Weavings

Wall art metal weavings include tightly woven wavy and straight strip weavings, circle spiral copper weavings, open metal weavings with both straight and wavy strips, straight patinated copper strips woven with wire to simulate waterfalls, and unusual triangular metal weavings. They are primarily copper art but I also do hanging wall art in aluminum, bronze and stainless steel.

My wall art metal weavings are generally less than 20 lbs, though I have created some large 50-pounders with woven copper. They are brazed on the back and occasionally on the front. They are usually mounted on a copper pipe frame, from which it is easy to attach D-rings or picture wire. I will also weld on security hardware, on request. The patinas are natural (not painted), fade-resistant, permanent and sealed with either polyurethane or acrylic lacquer. Both of these coatings do very well outside, with sun, rain and snow. They are excellent as metal wall art for your garden walls or fence or an outside wall of a house.

Please call me to discuss a custom wall art metal weaving for your project.

The textural and design qualities of metal wall art weavings are fascinating with ever-expanding possibilities. This metal weaving section site contains more than 50 images for you to see. However, I have made thousands of these wall art metal weavings over the years. You wouldn’t want to see them all.

My metal wall art weavings are very architectural in the sense that they are designed to enhance the quality of the living experience without imposing a message or point of view. My woven metal wall art is intended to be timeless, as the sky and water are timeless. The are intended to relax and uplift the viewer, just as rippling water calms and beguiles the senses, or as the colors and patterns in the sky as the sun sets uplift and soothe the psyche.

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