Diamonds Metal Wall Sculptures

These open metal wall sculptures are built up from individual pieces and allow you to see the wall through the openings in the wall sculpture, as well as the shadows cast by the lighting on the design. Strong shadows add an illusion of extra depth to the wall sculptures. Puzzles are a dominant theme with my 3d metal artwork. All these metal wall sculptures have started out as one single whole piece of metal which I then cut them up and reassemble into a higher, more aesthetically appealing state of order. It’s a fun game to play.

Many of these ‘Diamonds’ designs also work very well as Stairstep designs. Rotate a design 45 degrees and you will see what I mean. Stairstep designs are more orderly and suggest progress as they move up the wall. Diamonds designs are more dynamic and tend to be wider.

The aluminum designs are made with 1/4″ aluminum and are very strong and rigid. The copper designs are made with thick architectural copper laminated to the aluminum with an outdoor quality contact cement. Both metals are excellent on the side of a building or a garden wall.

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Please contact me for purchase information and to discuss how to customize these metal wall sculptures for your project.