Mixed Metals Modern Wall Sculptures

Mixed metal combinations make great modern wall sculptures. I love the interplay of the colors and textures of stainless steel, copper and bronze in 3d wall art designs. Most of these modern wall sculptures are 4-level designs, significantly adding to the 3d effect. They are great for offices and corporate lobbies, behind the concierge desk at a condo or hotel, in the family room, over the sofa, as well as outdoors on the side of a building or on a garden wall. These modern wall sculptures are coated with a weather-resistant clear coat. Custom sizes can be made, up to huge and monumental.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~ Thomas Merton

With these designs, I left the copper and stainless steel as their natural colors, but used the bronze in both its natural color and with torched colors, which include purples, blues, dark oranges and yellows. The effect is very interesting and unique.

For the smaller designs, installation is fairly simple, utilizing two hangers on the back and two hooks on the wall. The large designs can get heavy. Two people are recommended when doing an installation, plus a cleat system for the wall and the back of the wall sculpture.

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Please contact me for information regarding customizing any of these modern wall sculpture designs for your needs, as well as for purchase information.