Open Metal Wall Art Weavings

Outdoor metal wall art weavings have a visual vibrational quality that is captivating. The spacings seem to create a shimmer, almost like a vibrato on the violin. They have a visual lightness – they don’t look as heavy as the tightly woven metal weavings. You can see the wall through the holes, adding another dimension of playfulness. One might think the open weavings are easier to do than the tightly woven metal designs. Actually, the open weavings take more time, because almost every other crossover point has to be brazed, plus all the outside edges. That’s a lot of silver brazing.


Shaping & undulating the open metal wall art weavings adds another fun dimensional quality. It takes about 4 to 8 hours to undulate an open weaving, depending on the size. The copper has to be coaxed into shape over metal pipes, including a great deal of gentle hammering. People assume I stamp them out with a hydraulic press. It just isn’t that easy. Soldering the frame on the back takes 3-4x longer and requires a much more complicated clamping system. But they are worth the extra work!

All woven metal weavings are sealed with either polyurethane or acrylic lacquer. I have been testing a copper weaving sealed with Krylon crystal clear outside in all kinds of northern weather for 7 years now. No green yet.

The red patinated art metal weavings are accomplished by first melting a brass spiral on one sheet of copper. Then both sheets of copper are colored by melting sprinkled salt on red-hot copper heated with a big (rosebud tip) oxyacetylene torch. Its quite an amazing technique. The strips aren’t cut until the metal has been washed salt-free and thoroughly dried .

The flamed-colored patinas were created with a flame technique I call ‘painting with fire’. The weavings are completely assembled and welded before I start: a delicate touch is required and much patience. This technique has a great deal of variability. The open metal weavings give much deeper, more intense colors than the tightly woven metal designs.

Please contact me for purchase information and to discuss how to create a custom metal garden art weaving for your project.