Aluminum Outdoor Wall Sculptures

outdoor wall sculptures

9 Rectangles On Side
36″h x 72″w x 4″d

metal wall sculptures

Robert Morris
96x 48 x 4

metal wall sculpture

Diamonds Design
30″h x 60″w x 3″d

outdoor wall sculptures

Space Travel
40″h x 30″w x 3″d

large outdoor wall sculptures

Dancing Shapes
40″h x 96″w x 4″d

large wall sculptures

Dancing Shapes
side view detail

wall sculpture metal

9 Rectangles Stairstep
55″h x 49″w x 4″d

very large wall sculptures

Reverse S
108x 48 x 5

very large metal wall sculptures

Reverse S – Horizontal
48″h x 108″w x 5″d

outdoor wall sculptures

Family Grouping
48″h x 60″w x 3″d

outdoor wall sculptures

Space Travel Horizontal
30″h x 40″w x 3″d

metal wall sculptures

Whirling Dervish
48″ x 48″ x 3″

outdoor wall sculptures

Large Rotating Triangles
16 layers, 55″ per side

triangles wall sculpture

Large RT
side view

triangles wall sculptures
Medium Rotating Triangle
41.5″ per side


triangle wall sculptures

Medium RT
side view

Each of these outdoor wall sculptures is conceived as a puzzle design. All the pieces of each design are cut from a single flat sheet of 1/4″ aluminum, square, round or triangular. Then the pieces are recombined into the most-eye-pleasing higher order arrangement I can devise. It’s a fun game for me. Visual interest is enhanced because no shape is exactly the same as another. All these wall art sculptures are rigid, lacquered and suitable for outdoor display. Some of these outdoor wall sculptures are very large.

Aluminum doesn’t rust or deteriorate in the weather. It is an excellent metal for outdoor wall art sculptures (as well as boats, cars and airplanes). Aluminum, a beautiful, bright, silvery metal, is about half the weight of steel, which means that most of these sculptures can be handled by one person. However, the large Rotating Triangles design weighs about 45 lbs and the large Reverse-S design is very long and unwieldy. I recommend two people handle the larger wall sculptures.

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