Acrylic Paintings

These are a few of the several hundred acrylic paintings I have created. I have done many on paper and those usually end up shaped. The following are all on canvas.

Here's a guide to my technique.

Continental Drift abstract contemporary modern painting AW-WaterReverie.jpg (147328 bytes)
Continental Drift
36" x 48"
acrylic on canvas

Water Reverie
36" x 48"

You can see that these were somewhat inspired by the Bubble Photographs as well as by Paul Jenkins and Helen Frankenthaller.

AW-Rainbow-16.jpg (130810 bytes) AW-sunrise-15.jpg (139501 bytes)
Rainbow - 16
18" x 36"
Sunrise - 15
18" x 36"

The true origins of this style of painting are from my days as a Paint Chemist working at Cook Paint and Varnish in North Kansas City, Missouri, back in the '80s. One of my favorite occupations was pouring out all the old, bad, expired samples the lab had made in the past year. Paints of all colors, poured into a metal can, created beautiful new colors and patterns.

AW-landscape-4.jpg (147478 bytes) AW-waterworld-11.jpg (163658 bytes)

Landscape - 4
48" x 84"

Waterworld - 11
48" x 84"

Some of these are available for purchase.

AW-SpanishFlag-10.jpg (137729 bytes) AW-SpanishFlag-17.jpg (137981 bytes)

Spanish Flag - 10

Spanish Flag - 17


AW-Glory.jpg (170159 bytes) AW-LightPenetratesTheWaters.jpg (160602 bytes)
36" x 48"

Light Penetrates the Waters
48" x 72"


AW-NovaNebula.jpg (153762 bytes) AW-Storm.jpg (171336 bytes)
Nova Nebulae
36" x 48"
acrylic on canvas

36" x 48"
acrylic on canvas

One of the problems with this system of sizing is, although it looks good, it's very deceiving in regard to size. The painting on the left below is rather small. The painting on the right is rather large. But on the web they are sized the same.

AW-Rainbow-6.jpg (149264 bytes) AW-TheSourceOfThree.jpg (152813 bytes)
Rainbow - 6
18" x 36"
The Source of Three
36' x 48"

The following cut and layered paintings are very amazing. I have a hard time believing that I actually did them. The dimensional quality is very striking. The photographs don't do them justice.

AW-Energy.jpg (165560 bytes) AW-CelticKnot.jpg (154228 bytes)
30" x 40"
Cut and raised painting
acrylic on canvas

Celtic Knot
Carved and raised Painting
36" x 48
acrylic on canvas


AW-EnergyFlow.jpg (166379 bytes) AW-Rectangles.jpg (154283 bytes)
Energy Flow
30" x 80"

Painted Rectangles
my first stacked dimensional open wall sculpture!

I have had a hard time parting with some of my paintings. Each one is unique and spectacular. This wet-on-wet  style of painting sounds easy to do but it is actually very difficult to do well. Regardless, it is exceptionally fun.

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