Call John Searles: 269-469-1509  or call Jill Underhill: 269-469-8000

My wife, Jill Underhill, is handling the sales and marketing side of the business. You can reach her at 269-469-8000 or via .

Please be sure to include information about the design you are interested in, including name and size and which page on the website you found the picture.

Jill’s policy is to answer all emails and phone calls as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours. Emails can be problematic – sometimes they can be slow or can get blocked coming or going. If you haven’t had a response from her via email, please phone her at 269-469-8000.

If you can’t reach her, please call me at 269-469-1509 or via my .

Most of the work I do  is on a commission basis – you see something you like but want it bigger or smaller, vertical instead of horizontal, bronze or stainless instead of aluminum. I usually ask for 8-12 weeks to complete an order. Sometimes we can get it done sooner.

Shipping & crating charges are charged separately and usually run from $45 – $1450. Oddly enough, this is usually 8-10{14df5767cb6f27744841193160719d74307770bb3a5620241cacae82b359489e} of the cost of the artwork. We charge a minimal amount for our crates but shipping costs are high, especially to the Western States and Canada. Residential freight deliveries (large boxes and more than 150 lbs.) cost an extra $100 – that’s what they charge us! – Fed Ex, UPS & Yellow Freight are all pretty much the same.  I usually ship via Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Freight and get 2-3 day service.  Shipping to the Western states usually adds a day or two more.

Checks, cash, Visa or Mastercard are all welcome. We don’t like working with American Express or Discover.

Thank you for your interest in my work!