Copper Art Design – Making a CopperArt Waterfall

copper art design

Waterfall Patina, Copper Panel, 42″ w x 60″ h

This large copper art wall hanging was designed to look like a waterfall. I recently shipped this 42″ x 60″ copper art design to a couple in Utah for prominent display in the foyer of their designer home.

Longevity? All the colors are created with inorganic salts of copper which will last indefinitely in bright sunlight. Three different lacquers are used to protect the patina from moisture, oxygen and abrasion. A metal frame protects the copper artwork from accidents during moving or children riding their bikes in the house.

How to Steps for Creating this Large Copper Art Design

1. I used 99.95{14df5767cb6f27744841193160719d74307770bb3a5620241cacae82b359489e} pure copper with .05{14df5767cb6f27744841193160719d74307770bb3a5620241cacae82b359489e} lead content instead of the normal trace amounts of beryllium or phosphorus. This copper sheet came from Arubis in Buffalo, NY. I think it actually accepts patinas better than the Revere copper. This copper is heavy, 20 oz. per square foot.The completed piece, with frame, ended up weighing 35 lbs.

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A red patina can be developed on copper with a torch and any number of fluxes. The heat is applied to the copper from below. When the copper glows red hot sprinkle on the flux for a speckled look. Alternately, apply the flux first, then apply heat, for a smoother color. (Generally, both techniques happen at the same time because the salt bounces around.)