Thread Locker Fails

thread locker

Large Wall Sculptures require a reliable threadlocker

Thread Locker Study

Thread locker generally comes in a very small tube and seems very expensive for the quantity I am buying. But I had been feeling like I needed plenty on hand, so I had been constantly adding to my collection.

Thread locker is usually very low in viscosity, so I had high hopes when I bought a stick of Loctite 248 medium strength blue from Enco last year. It was like a small tube of blue speed-stick deodorant and didn’t run at all. I tried applying it to one side of some 5/8″ bolts, thinking that the nut would spread it around. When I went to remove the nuts a week later, it seemed to have not done any thread locking at all. Perhaps that was because the nut hadn’t spread out the thread locker. So I tried it again, applying it completely around the bolt. 5 days later, nothing again.