Metal Tile Wall Art


These metal tile wall art assemblages are a compelling way to display the exceptional beauty of the various patinas and embossings. Every art tile is handmade and one of a kind. The tiles are generally either copper or brass, two metals which are easy to emboss and accept a very wide range of patinas. Typically, 20% are embossed designs with the remaining 80% being flat metal tiles. I like to frame these tile art assemblages with a museum-style floater frame, usually in matte black or bronze. In a way, they look like small framed, patchwork quilts.

tile wall art

Ritz Carlton 1
50 tile assemblage

metal tile wall art

10 tiles

wall metal art decor

Ritz Carlton 2
50 tile assemblage

tile wall art

Ritz Carlton 3
62 tiles assemblage

metal tile wall art

Boston 1
10 tiles

tile wall art

Ritz Carlton 4
50 tiles assemblage

metal tile wall art

Chicago 1
24 tile assemblage

metal tiled wall art

Dallas 1
24 spirals

tile wall art

Copper Tile Assemblage
four 6×6 tiles

metal wall decor

Boston 2
10 tiles

tile wall art

Dallas 2
Embossed flowers

metal tile art

Las Vegas #1
9 embossed tiles

tiles art

Dallas #3
embossed circles

My interest in tiles goes back many years, but was kick-started into action when a Ritz Carlton designer contacted us and asked if we could do art tiles? I said sure, and we ended up making twenty-five 50-tile framed art assemblages for them. What a learning curve! That’s 1250 (actually I made 2000!) tiles, each one handmade and one of a kind. Then the task was to assemble them in the most pleasing array, being careful to not put two tiles of similar colors side-by-side.

The all embossed assemblages are a lot of visual fun and could be the perfect answer for your wall decor needs.

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John Searles

Metal sculptor and metal artist John Searles lives in Southwest Michigan where he creates and ships his art sculptures around the world. Specializing in custom designs, sizes and materials and utilizing his expert fabrication techniques he enjoys every day transforming his imaginative ideas into metal.
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