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Many of these wall sculpture designs look equally beautiful displayed in different orientations. These large wall art sculptures are often used as focal points of interior design in modern corporate settings and upscale, contemporary homes. Weights are reasonable and these large wall sculptures are easily installed.

I can do most of these wall sculptures for you in 9 different styles:

1. Melted brass lines on copper with mottled reds, browns, oranges – salt-fire patina
2. Natural blue – this is copper treated with ammonia vapors and salt or similar
3. Natural green – this is copper treated with a dilute acid solution or similar
4. Brass with Brown/Rust – this is another natural flame color but there is minimal mottling
5. Aluminum – clean bright silver color with an attractive brushed finish
6. Aluminum with transparent colors, gold or silver leaf, etc.
7. Painted – tell me the colors you want, give me paint chips to match and I will do an interesting abstract painting, mount it on wood and do one of these wall sculptures for you with the cut-out pieces.
8. Steel or stainless steel
9. Bronze – brushed, flamed and or patinated.

Please contact me for purchase information and to consult on custom designs to fit your project.

These wall sculptures are made with copper, aluminum or stainless steel and are suitable for indoor or outdoor wall art decor. For outdoors, typical sites are the outside of a house, a property line fence, or a garden wall. Outside living with a stunning abstract sculpture is now possible. Consider my wall art sculptures for your outdoor fence art and garden wall sculptures. Of course, these wall sculptures are great inside as well, especially as large wall art for that big living room wall.

These multi-layered, dimensional, fabricated large wall sculptures use techniques that combine free-flowing abstract coloration (patinas) within a context of great precision and design and are inspired by my eclectic interests in philosophy, history and mathematics.

The copper is colored with a variety of processes that create beautiful greens, blues, reds and brown patinas, depending on the exact process used. Copper is a soft metal, therefore the patinated copper is glued to a rigid substrate, usually 1/4″ aluminum. The copper-substrate composite is then cut, finished and stacked to create the constructions. All edges are primed and painted black for dramatic effect.