Custom Metal Wall Art


Thin copper and other thin metals can also be embossed, with hand pressure, or shaped over forms and designs with hydraulic multi-ton pressures to create bas-relief designs. I chose metal as my primary medium because its mysteries & capabilities are limitless. The possibilities for expression and play are endless with the 5 or 6 metals I specialize in. I like to think of my metal artwork creations as music for the eyes.

I do this metal art artwork to express an awareness of a great energy, vitality, order and purpose in life. The intention of my artwork is a celebration of the human spirit. My purpose is to inspire, delight, energize and empower. May it touch you and uplift you. May it give meaning and pleasure to your life.

I am constantly developing, refining and reaching for new ideas and techniques that inspire me and make me grow. I began my career doing my metal wall art designs for my personal pleasure, but the bulk of my work now is commissioned custom metal wall art for customers who need a specific size, look, shape, price, etc. It’s always a pleasure and delight to work with these materials.

Please contact me regarding your custom metal wall art projects.

Custom Metal Wall Art includes metal wall sculptures, metal art wall weavings, copper art patina panels and metal wall art tiles. Sizes range from quite small to very large (up to 16′). Most of this metal artwork is made with copper and brass, call it CopperArt; some of it is made with stainless steel, steel or bronze. Depths of artwork range from 1″ to 8″, and is adjustable per your specifications.

Custom Wall Art – Details

I often use copper and brass for metal artworks because these metals readily take on a multitude of beautiful colors: from orangy-pinks to salmons, reds, yellows, oranges, browns, greens, blues and every combination thereof. Patina colors are permanent and lightfast; these wall art pieces do great with lots of sunlight and outdoors (unlike oil paintings and watercolors). Patina techniques include chemical acids and bases, fluxes, flame and fire. Patinas develop slowly over time and create a look very different from paint or ceramic glazes.

Custom metal wall art can also be painted: transparent colors show the beauty of the metal and look jewel-like, due to the reflected light from the surface of the metal. Opaque colors adhere exceptionally well. The substrate can be rigid (never wrinkling with humidity as canvas sometimes does) and displayed with or without a frame. Alternately, paints can be applied to a flexible surface and shaped or woven after being painted.